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Bhakti Vinyasa Flow

This class is taught by:

Prajna Brianna Vieira

I've been practicing yoga for over 2 decades, and teaching since 2002. Because I remain a dedicated student, my teaching is first and foremost inspired by my personal practice, with its roots in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with many gifted teachers, both well-known and not so well-known. All of my teachers have influenced my work in some way, but I especially acknowledge Maty Ezraty, Judith Lasater, Jennifer Prugh and Erika Abrahamian for profoundly influencing my life, my practice, and my work. As a teacher and as a teacher-trainer, my one aim is to assist my students in moving forward in their practice. I believe that this begins with seeing students—seeing not only their unique bodies, but also their energy, their patterns, their hearts. I look at how people respond and react to the experiences that arise in each moment—how do they engage with intensity, with softness, with tension or with stillness? I am looking at all these things, and looking to see where I can give assistance. I believe in long-term practice, in patience, in consistency, and taking the long view. Because that is my method, my classes aren't intended to entertain, but rather to inform, to explore, and to practice. Along the way we may laugh, we may get creative, we may try crazy things, or we may go back to basics. What I teach on any given day depends largely on who shows up. I love this work with all my heart, and hope I get to do it for a very long time. I am also a long time practitioner of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of the heart) and kirtan, a traditional chanting practice. It's such a significant part of my life that I feel its worth mentioning. I believe that just like posture and breath, sound too is an incredible vehicle of transformation. Over the years I've had the good fortune to share this practice internationally, performing regularly with world music pioneer Jai Uttal, numerous other kirtan artists, as well as with my own ensemble, Mukti, and as a duet with yoga music producer Ben Leinbach. I sometimes incorporate this chanting practice into my classes, or I may sing during savasana. Yoga is a multidimensional practice with numerous techniques and traditions to help us heal, grow and examine our relationship with what is. I strive to be true to the traditions of yoga, while embracing innovation and discovery.

Tim Brattan

Tim has been practicing a fluid, energizing style of vinyasa yoga since 1997. For 10 years, has has been the director of One Yoga in Santa Cruz and completed a vinyasa yoga teacher training there in 2006. He learned from the center’s amazing teachers and many visiting yoga luminaries, enjoying special inspiration from Rusty Wells, Janet Stone and Scott Blossom. In yoga we use the body and breath for self-discovery, to venture beyond our limits and to let go of what no longer serves us - emotionally, mentally and physically. He feels the best way to connect to the flow is to be totally present on the mat, so Tim offer classes that are unique and challenging. He loves to play good music,make you laugh and have fun but above all, to be open to receiving all of the benefits available to us from the practice, because in the flow there is always something beautiful waiting to happen.

Serenity Prajnadhara

Serenity Prajnadhara first became a student of yoga in 2008. Her first class was at a climbing gym in Santa Cruz, and it completely transformed her life. Since then she began to explore many different traditions and expressions of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teaching training with Clayton Horton founder of Greenpath Ashtanga yoga teacher training at the Yoga Society of San Francisco in August 2011. She is inspired by her Ashtanga yoga training of P. Jois, as well Tri Yoga, a system of yoga founded by yogini Kali Ray that emphasizes posture, breath and focus. After her training, she began to express Bhakti yoga classes, (devotional) singing while playing her harmonium.

Serenity is first and foremost a student of yoga. She draws upon her inner resources to provide a foundation of strength and courage in her classes. The clarity and compassion that she shares can be felt by many of her students. She emphasizes the breath as a tool for greater awareness and understanding of one’s own true nature. As she became more focused on her training, she found that a strong asana practice was the glue that held everything together, a true catalyst for transformation. Serenity is devoted to the path of yoga, and has made it her purpose to see that she applies the deep wisdom that comes from practice to all life’s experiences. Her goal is to assist her students in their own self-discovery and personal mastery.

Reena Kushwah

Reena’s first exposure to Yoga was since childhood, a part of daily curriculum at primary school in India. But it took almost 3 decades to completely grasp its impact and importance. Working in the corporate world for over a decade, after two kids and a full time job, Yoga came as a miraculous cure to all her health and stress problems. Reena started teaching yoga in her neighborhood voluntarily since 2015 and soon after obtained her 200-hr certification. She then traveled to Mysore India to further deepen her roots, specifically in the Bhakti tradition, completing a certified course in Ashtanga Yoga, Chanting and Pranayama with the renowned Mr. BNS Iyengar. Her love of chanting, a deeply heart-opening practice, and the devotional part of yoga has allowed her to blossom, find her bliss and share this wonderful yoga practice with others.
A challenging and dynamic flow incorporating pranayama, mantra, chanting, meditation and yogic wisdom. This class will strengthen your body, open your heart and nourish your soul. ”Bhakti” means LOVE—totally dedicated, fearless and selfless. Bring your practice back to the heart!