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Vinyasa Flow 2/3

This class is taught by:

Denise Deniger

A lifelong yogini, Denise has been practicing yoga formally since 1996 and teaching since 1998. She opened Dallas’ first Bikram Yoga studio in 2000. Wanting to follow a complete classical yogic path, she has been studying and teaching Tibetan Heart Yoga since 2006. Denise is a Staff Instructor for the Yoga Studies Institute and is one of only a handful of certified teachers of Tibetan Heart Yoga in the country. She teaches workshops around the country, passing on the teachings of hatha and raja yoga given to her by her teachers: Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally, Kelly Roadhouse, and Mira Shani. Meditation, yoga philosophy and Sanskrit are woven into her asana classes, delivered with a down-to-earth style and humor.

Lorenzo Neri

Lorenzo has always had an interest in yoga, eastern philosophy and martial arts, but living in a small town in Tuscany, Italy, couldn’t access the many disciplines that strongly attracted him until after he moved to California in 2003. He began to practice yoga intuitively as a therapeutic response to heal chronic pain and minor injuries experienced since his teenage years. Since then he has studied and participated in workshops under the guidance of several teachers, but most important, many hours of self study, devoted to the cultivation of a strong, steady personal practice at home and outdoor, in California’s beautiful surroundings. In March 2010 he participated in a yoga teacher training program at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara lead by Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Lorenzo has a fresh, holistic approach to his teaching, brings into his class functional techniques and ideas borrowed from his own experiences and other disciplines, focusing on achieving an higher awareness of our body and a deeper, more conscious breathing.

Morgan Levay

Morgan has explored using asana as body/mind therapy since 2004 when her love for the culture and practice of yoga benefited physical and personal growth in all aspects of development. The scale of these benefits erupted with the consistency of her asana routine. She sought formal training in summer of 2010 with Art of Breath. The program allowed her to blossom in movement and breath sync, structured knowledge of the ancient history and philosophy which gave birth to yoga sutras, and used applied anatomy of movement to awaken alignment and facilitate intelligent healing. As a devoted student and teacher, she integrates all the pearls of wisdom that drove her to pursue a life as a yogini. In her Yin class, Morgan follows the tradition of Sarah Powers meridian sequencing to stream the psycho-physical being into a state of softening surrender. Her Vinyasa is grounding with juicy breath-linked flow. Morgan feels that expanding tolerance for foundational movement heightens physical well-being and allows for a steady progression into asana. The use of applied metaphor woven in all classes makes her accessible spirituality more applicable and meaningful to our lives.

Elena Milyukova

Through offering to her students a challenging and playful practice, Elena encourages everyone to find their own boundaries and benefits of yoga. Elena believes that yoga aids an individual to discover hidden powers, brings greater self-confidence, and helps one to find inner peace and love within. Elena gives her students a solid foundation with emphasis on safety, alignment, symmetry, and space. She connects with her students and brings in a unique energy into class. Elena completed the Avalon Teacher Training Program and 100-hours Anusara Immersion.

Kayla Mendez

Kayla discovered grace on the mat as a way to counteract the strains of classical ballet and competitive dancing in 1999. Since then, her asana practice has revealed a path of discovery and possibility. It has become clear that the past is written and cannot be erased; the future has yet to be drafted; only in the present moment can we truly be alive.

Serving as a guide and student along the path of yoga, Kayla seeks to connect prana, awareness and movement to the stillness in between. Practices are infused with mantra, cadence and community; stimulating awareness through powerful yet nurturing sequencing paired with attentive guidance. An open invitation to make space for possibility, establish sustainable expansion and peer beyond all that which separates, binds, limits or constrains in order to truly experience life’s ebbs and flows with an open heart. She offers humble bows of overwhelming gratitude to all of life’s teachers and fellow practitioners that have shed light upon this path.

Prajna Brianna Vieira

I've been practicing yoga for over 2 decades, and teaching since 2002. Because I remain a dedicated student, my teaching is first and foremost inspired by my personal practice, with its roots in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with many gifted teachers, both well-known and not so well-known. All of my teachers have influenced my work in some way, but I especially acknowledge Maty Ezraty, Judith Lasater, Jennifer Prugh and Erika Abrahamian for profoundly influencing my life, my practice, and my work. As a teacher and as a teacher-trainer, my one aim is to assist my students in moving forward in their practice. I believe that this begins with seeing students—seeing not only their unique bodies, but also their energy, their patterns, their hearts. I look at how people respond and react to the experiences that arise in each moment—how do they engage with intensity, with softness, with tension or with stillness? I am looking at all these things, and looking to see where I can give assistance. I believe in long-term practice, in patience, in consistency, and taking the long view. Because that is my method, my classes aren't intended to entertain, but rather to inform, to explore, and to practice. Along the way we may laugh, we may get creative, we may try crazy things, or we may go back to basics. What I teach on any given day depends largely on who shows up. I love this work with all my heart, and hope I get to do it for a very long time. I am also a long time practitioner of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of the heart) and kirtan, a traditional chanting practice. It's such a significant part of my life that I feel its worth mentioning. I believe that just like posture and breath, sound too is an incredible vehicle of transformation. Over the years I've had the good fortune to share this practice internationally, performing regularly with world music pioneer Jai Uttal, numerous other kirtan artists, as well as with my own ensemble, Mukti, and as a duet with yoga music producer Ben Leinbach. I sometimes incorporate this chanting practice into my classes, or I may sing during savasana. Yoga is a multidimensional practice with numerous techniques and traditions to help us heal, grow and examine our relationship with what is. I strive to be true to the traditions of yoga, while embracing innovation and discovery.

Nicole Thompson

Nicole Tierre Thompson has been committed to practicing and teaching yoga for more than 12 years. A devoted runner, Nicole began practicing yoga in Santa Barbara, California as a way to supplement her marathon training. Almost immediately, she recognized the time spent on the mat and with others in the yoga community were invaluable aspects of her life. Nicole completed her teaching certification at Chicago-based yogaview and worked in various settings across the windy city to bring a yoga asana practice to individuals who sought a better and more thoughtful awareness of her/his body. For Nicole, it is vital to teach every student as they are. Nicole’s overall intention for her classes is to create an environment in which students discover something new about themselves through physical movement, connection to breath and clarity of mind. She has been in love with running for over 13 years and laces up her running shoes on a daily basis to get in her “moving meditation”.

Lauren Anas

Lauren is a beloved and respected Bay Area Vinyasa Teacher. Her love for movement began at a young age, while training as a classical ballet dancer. She found yoga in college as a way to keep the body healthy, strong and flexible and recognized the benefits yoga has on all aspects of life, not just the body but as a means to transform the way we behave in our every day activities and relationships. She has studied with a variety of renowned teachers including Ben Thomas, Richard Freeman, Max Strom and Doron Hanoch, where she earned her 500 hour certification and assisted him in teacher trainings. Doron continues to be her primary source of inspiration for her classes. Lauren's classes are challenging, building strength, balance, and flexibility combined with full and equal opportunity to breathe within the postures and experience the steadiness and ease that comes with the flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Michael Athanas

Michael, an E-RYT certified yoga instructor, has immersed himself in many styles of yoga since 2002 including Ashtanga, Bikram, and Baptiste. With a Ph.D. in Physics, Michael spent nearly a decade exploring the fundamental structure of matter at particle accelerator laboratories around the world. He finds yoga (philosophy & asana) to be the perfect complement to his stringent scientific profession – both work in tandem to increase energy and awareness. The challenging flow of Michael's classes will leave you feeling strong and centered - his approach to teaching will develop confidence, flexibility and strength.

Bob Riccomini

Bob teaches a playful yet vigorous vinyasa flow based class accompanied by contemporary music. Bob completed his 500 hour teacher training at the Bhakti Flow Teacher Training Program with Rusty Wells. Other influential teachers include Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Desiree Rumbaugh, Shiva Rea, Eric Shiffmann, and Jennifer Prugh. Bob’s driving force in teaching yoga is his desire to give back to the local community where he has been so fortunate to live and work for many years. All proceeds Bob receives for teaching are donated to “Art of Yoga,” a non-profit organization whose mission is to lead teen girls in the California juvenile justice system toward accountability by providing practical tools to effect behavior change.  See www.artofyogaproject.org for more information.
A strong, challenging sequence of poses with dynamic flow of breath and movement. Build heat from the inside and out, core strength, stamina and flexibility in this class. Ideal for intermediate to advanced students, this class typically will include challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions intelligently sequenced and paced to keep your practice safe, focused and centered.