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Crystal Sound Meditation

This class is taught by:

Jessica Neideffer

Jessica Neideffer has studied and practiced Reiki since 2007 and has been working with Sound Healing Therapy since 2009. During her childhood she experienced many health issues. When she had pain, she would put her hands over the area, imagine the pain leaving, and it would subside. She thought this was interesting, but did not realize it was actually possible to heal herself this way until later in life. Jessica is an accomplished business woman with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. She has 16 years experience as an Office Manager and Event Coordinator in a variety of high tech companies. She has traveled the world with her instruments studying her trade and attends classes and conferences to further her knowledge. She contributes the majority of her spiritual growth to the studies and practices of the Toltec way of Life which has become her way of living as well. After a life altering Reiki session in 2007, she awakened to the realization that she was meant to help herself and others heal and so her continuous journey into healing with touch and sound began. Jessica is living her purpose and is dedicated to helping ALL find their innate ability within to heal themselves.


Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a space for healing of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. To become “healed,” simply means to become “whole.”By coupling our intention with sound we are able to elevate our vibration to restore harmony within our BEing. By surrendering to the highest good, we ourselves become that conduit for peace, healing, change and growth.


As you meditate and lie still or sit on your mat, we will work with the sounds and intention to help the body heal on a cellular level. During a session each person is receiving perfect frequencies through the playing of crystal instruments re-harmonizing the body back to its natural tones.


Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat if you have one.



Price: $20