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Yoga Tune Up®

This class is taught by:

Jeffrey Lang

Completing Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up® teacher training gave Jeff the necessary knowledge for transforming the body in a systematic, accessible, and safe way. Completing the Avalon Yoga teacher-training program, Jeff studied the roots of classical yoga and the philosophies of this rich lineage. Jeff has over the years had the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers, including John Berg, Ben Thomas, Sam Matthews, Kelly McGonigal, and Anirudh Shastri. Using modern understanding and ancient techniques, Jeff’s classes provide a physical practice to heal and support mental clarity, emotional capability, and spiritual growth. “My focus is to bring health to the tissues of the body and ensure their efficient function; providing resiliency and support for our well-being. When the body is properly nourished and balanced, the mind and emotions become more at ease, and exhibit the same resiliency and support as the body. We are able to carry on our lives in a perpetual state of wonder, joy, and ease – even at the most difficult of times we gain the courage to reach into the wellspring of our inner-being and experience peace. Know thy Body; Know thy Self.”

Deepa Dravid

Deepa’s yoga and Pilates classes are a reflection of her journey to discover the beauty, strength and power of the human body. Deepa discovered Yoga at a time when exercising meant pushing her body to its limits. With the introduction to Yoga, she realized that she was getting to know her body like never before. She learnt how to listen to what her body was communicating, while encouraging it to explore its potential in a manner that was loving and respectful. As a mother of two young boys, with a demanding career in Information Technology, Deepa was caught, as all of us are, in the crazy, multi tasking treadmill we call life. Yoga and Pilates brought balance to her life. This experience has led Deepa to believe that here is a gift we can give others and ourselves; yoga can help fortify our physical, mental and spiritual health giving us access to a well of resilience, patience and energy. Captivated by the power of Yoga, Deepa decided to learn more about it and got a certification in yoga from the prestigious Avalon Teacher training program. She also has a Pilates certification from the Center of Balace and a Yoga Tune Up certification from Jill Miller. She has a creative, methodical and holistic teaching style that invigorates the mind as well as body, and her classes are accessible to all levels of practitioners. One of the teachers who has most influenced her is Tom McCook of Center of Balance. When Tom said “when we practice we are beginning a long conversation with our body that will continue to expand our perspective, choices and help keep us aware of what’s truly important” Deepa knew that here was a mentor with whom she shared her deepest belief about body movement. Deepa’s classes truly reflect this holistic and life-long practice of Healthy you. For her it is about worshiping the body and supporting it in reaching its full potential in strength and health.
Yoga Tune Up® helps you live better in your body using a combination of yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, breath strategies, mindset and embodied anatomical education. This class will awaken your body sense (proprioception) to help you find and heal your own body blind spots. Body blind spots are areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused or abused and can be a cause for aches, pains and injury. You’ll discover your interconnected body through investigating all of its systems and attuning your physiology.