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Nimmi Kovvali

Nimmi started practicing yoga seriously in 2004 but has been a student of yoga since she was a child. Her love for the practice inspired her to share the benefits and joy of doing yoga with others. Nimmi’s personal practice is based on the principles of satya (truth), ahimsa (non-violence) and aparagraha (not hurting), which she strongly emphasizes in the classes that she guides. She offers a safe space for her students to explore their practice through the use of props and modifications to asanas. Nimmi has studied under the guidance of several well known instructors includingScott Blossom, Mark Horner, Mark Stephens, Jill Glikbarg, Ben Thomas, Kent Bond, Janya Wongsopa and Srivatsa Ramaswami.

Nimmi Kovvali is currently not instructing any classes.