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Rupa Majumdar

Rupa received her 200-hr yoga Yoga Teacher Certification from Adarsh and Heleen Williams. She has also completed Rainbow Kid's Yoga Teacher Training in San Francisco, CA. Rupa has known yoga since childhood, and is currently a Principal Engineer at a Bay Area tech company and depends on her yoga practice to find her work-life balance. She also draws her inspiration from her 3-year-old son every day to find creative ways to introduce yoga to children and connect with other family members through yoga.

Rupa Majumdar instructs the following:
  • Family Yoga (RSVP Online - 1/Family) $25 dropin/family
  • Bring the whole family (Ages 3 and up)! Family Yoga is a fun, joyful and peaceful way to move together mindfully. Family Yoga begins with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by a fun, mindful, playful and meditative practice that includes postures, partner poses and group poses. Class concludes with relaxation and guided imagery. Families of all ages and abilities welcome!

    These classes are offered based on interest and availability.
    Please RSVPonline (1 person/family) to reserve space. Drop-in rate: $25
    *ALL proceeds from this class are donated to a local charity serving children and families in San Jose.

  • Partner Yoga (RSVP - 1/couple) $25/couple
  • Partner yoga is a style of asana practice in which two people support each other in poses in a way that enhances the postures and builds trust and communication. Partner yoga can deepen a pose as well as helps build relationships as the yogis share the pose, movements, and breath.

    Partner yoga poses work mainly by adding resistance. Your muscles can relax and stretch while your partner’s resistance help your limbs stay in the pose. Because of your partner’s help, you’ll be able to try new poses and find deeper expressions of familiar poses.

    In the class, we will explore different asanas with our partners to deepen and expand one’s practice by adding resistance and balance. There will be a relaxation and breathing exercises at the end of the class to end on a harmonious note.

    Note: All proceeds from this class are donated to a local charity. Drop-in $25/couple.