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Marcela Christjansen

Marcela is a Mexican born, tri-lingual 200hr-RYT certified dynamic yoga teacher. She grew up in Mexico City, and has since lived in France, Switzerland, Denmark and now in the South Bay area, CA. The challenges of moving to various countries throughout her young adult life brought her to yoga, and very quickly she fell in love with the practice and has kept it in her life ever since.

Her teaching style is strongly influenced by her own favorite yoga styles of ashtanga, anusara and vinyasa strong flow. She intentionally guides her students through a practice based on mindful breath, awareness and self-inquiry.

As an ever-learning student, her classes keep evolving by continuously growing her understanding about the ability to sense and refine the senses so the yoga practice, in essence, goes deeper than pure physical movement.

Marcela Christjansen instructs the following:
  • Dynamic Flow
  • This up-tempo class is designed to link yoga poses (asanas), transitions between poses and breath into an exhilarating yoga flow. You can expect to go from a deep subtle body warm up to a more intense flow as you work with alignment, strength and flexibility throughout the class. After this invigorating yet revitalizing yoga practice you might experience a serene state of meditative flow and connectedness.

  • 108 Sun Salutations to Welcome the New Year
  • Come and join us in welcoming the arrival of the New Year with 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar).

    The goal of this memorable New Year’s practice is to create a moving meditation that will stretch you both mentally and physically. Through the consistent link of the breath with movement, we will practice the welcoming of the new, as we inhale, and the letting go of what no longer serves us, as we exhale.

    After this powerful experience, you can expect to feel, mentally more focused, more resilient and with an increased commitment to your yoga practice. Physically, you may feel stronger, more capable and with a clearer connection to your mind.

    The practice will be set up of a combined series of Sun Salutations, mainly Sun Salutations A and B. In between rounds we will take a pause to reconnect, rest and reset. At the end of the practice we will move into Shavasana allowing the body, mind and breath to experience the effects of the practice.