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Class Descriptions

Experience the harmony of body, mind and spirit with yoga. Regardless of the style of yoga you choose, you will see life-changing results when you practice on a regular basis. A yoga practice anchored in a calm focus and steady breath does wonders for the mind and body. Please don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations on which style fits your needs. Please click here to view our current schedule.


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This class is inspired by the Ashtanga sequence developed by Matthew Sweeney

Chandra Krama: The Moon Sequence 

In practicing Ashtanga Yoga your attention will gradually move from gross to subtle. You will tend to feel the physical aspects of your body first, and then eventually, with ongoing practice, feel the more subtle aspects of your body.

The slower you move, all the way to sitting still in meditation, the more subtle is your awareness. The faster you move, the more gross your awareness. However, when doing a faster Vinyasa practice you move energy and tend to release physical blockages more readily. This leads to greater ease in the body.

A balance to the demands of the Surya based Ashtanga is to regularly practice meditation and to practice a softer, gentler Asana practice from time to time. I consider Chandra Krama (or something like it) to be essential for all Ashtanga practitioners, men and women. This sequence will help you rebalance energetically, psychologically and physically. In particular, as over 80% of Ashtangis are women, the need for a sequence that is focused on menstruation, ovulation and the phases of the moon is absolutely necessary.

The Moon Sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body (evidence of the Rajasic elements of the Ashtanga practice) particularly for students who work too much, or too soon on the jump throughs and jump backs. It places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable abdomen.

The heating basis of Ashtanga Yoga, in conjunction with the attempt to practice six days per week is inappropriate for most women. It may also be inappropriate for many men, at least long term. This may be a hard thing for some practitioners to accept, nevertheless it is true. Two hours of Ashtanga Yoga, six days per week can cause too much weight loss and can also aggravate joint stability due to repetitious strain. For women, excessive practice can disrupt your menstrual cycle and can add to difficulty having children. Even if the latter is not what you want, an intensive Asana practice without a sequence like Chandra Krama will usually lead to some kind of imbalance, physically or otherwise.

The Moon Sequence is intended to help awareness of the cycles of the Moon and encourage your intuitive faculty. It is not intended to entirely replace your Ashtanga practice, or any other practice for that matter, rather to enhance and balance your weekly routine.


Ashtanga Vinyasa is a vigorous vinyasa practice than draws intermediate to advanced practitioners looking for a more physically challenging pace. It highlights key concepts of the Ashtanga primary series with mindful introduction of challenging poses such as arm balances or inversions. Ashtanga Vinyasa connects movement with breath in a dynamic series of postures done with calm focused attention, for strength, flexibility and a quiet mind. Be prepared to sweat a lot as you move through Ashtanga's meditation in motion, as you engage core muscles, and work with a balanced steady breath.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Let's enjoy the day flowing together in gratitude for our yoga community, dedicated to sharing the gifts of health and well-being for all.
Wishing love, happiness, peace and joy to each of you and your loved ones this holiday season, from all of the teachers and staff at Downtown Yoga Shala.
Come unwind from your day, and wind down your evening with dim lights/candles, soft music, good vibes, and a blissful flow class. This class will build strength and stamina while cultivating mindful awareness with movement. It is suitable for all levels, but be prepared for a challenge! (Note: Remember to notify the instructor if you are new to yoga or have any pain/injury. Stay mindful of your breath and body at all times, to get the best experience from your class.
This is a traditional Led Primary Series class with Vinyasa count. This class is ideal for anyone with an existing Mysore practice, or familiar with the Primary Series sequence. Not recommended for beginners, or those without background in Ashtanga yoga.
If you are not familiar with the Primary Series, please attend Intro to Ashtanga or Led Modified Ashtanga Primary classes or Mysore Ashtanga classes prior to taking this class.
This 75 minute class starts with an invigorating flow sequence of postures that combines breath with movement, building heat, core strength, stamina and flexibility. We close with restorative poses, allowing the body to open deeper and relax more fully — the perfect balance of flow and restore. This rejuvenating class is open to all, modifications provided for all levels of practitioners.
A slower sequence of flowing postures synchronizing breath with movement. Ideal for beginners and intermediate students. Modifications may be suggested for all levels of practitioners.
This led class is for students of all levels, from new to seasoned Ashtanga practitioners. We instruct the group as a whole though half or sometimes more of the Ashtanga Primary Series, with some alignment instructions provided. New students are guided with wisdom and patience, more seasoned students can work to their own potential.

This class covers all the postures in the first half of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. It includes sun salutations, standing postures, several challenging seated postures, an introduction to back bending, and the full closing sequence. Gentle pranayama, meditation, and/or Yoga philosophy are taught, at the discretion of the teacher.

Mysore Style Practice is the heart of Ashtanga Yoga, and is the name coined for the original way it has always been taught in the city of Mysore, South India, in the tradition of the lineage from Sri K. Patthabi Jois. This class is for students of all levels and is an excellent opportunity to develop a personal, independent practice that can slowly build over a lifetime!

Within a group setting, each student learns the Ashtanga Primary Series at their own pace, with direct and individual assistance from the teacher. This allows students to progress at an appropriate rate for their own body and life circumstances. New postures are taught on an individual basis as the student develops the requisite strength, flexibility and stamina to proceed further. This direct student - teacher relationship is foundation of all traditional Yoga teaching and the Yoga Paramparā (the lineage of transmission from teacher to student).

New to Mysore? Please email info@downtownyogashala.com to arrange for a private orientation/class ($25 which can be applied to your first month of Mysore membership). Once you start taking a Mysore class, be prepared to commit to attending at least three times per week for your first few months of practice to understand this method more fully and get the most benefit out of this practice. Please email info@downtownyogashala.com if you have further questions.

Doors open at 6am for those who have an existing Mysore practice. Visitors who have an existing practice are welcome! Please email info@downtownyogashala.com with the date and time of your arrival. We also observe rest days on Moon Days, per the schedule outlined here: http://ashtangayogacenter.com/moon-days/
Open to all who have an existing Mysore practice for self-practice without instructor assistance. If you are unfamiliar or new to Mysore method of Ashtanga yoga, please email info@downtownyogashala.com to schedule an orientation. Then attend Mysore morning classes at least 3 times/week to get the most therapeutic benefits from this system of yoga. Everyone is required to sign in at the front desk. (If you do not have a DYS Mysore membership, drop-in rate is $20).
"Practice, practice, all is coming" - Sri K. Patthabi Jois
Start the New Year off with a perfect blend of movement and mindfulness yoga practice. We begin with an invigorating Vinyasa sequence to detox the body, add restorative poses to balance mind and then a guided meditation to connect with the spirit.
Instead of focusing on resolutions to make or break habits, we will practice the yogic tradition of Sankalpa, which starts from the premise that we are already who we need to be. Setting Sankalpa intentions will help us align our lives with our deeper purpose by creating powerful intentions to enhance who we already are.
Come connect to the wisdom of your heart and nourish your most inner desires for the coming year.
NUTRITION BONUS! (Offered in conjunction with Yoga Challenge)
5 Nutrition Sessions every Sunday, from Jan 7-Feb 4th, 2-3pm. Free and open to all, but you must be able to attend all 5 Sunday sessions. We have teamed up with avid yoga practitioner and long-time DYS member Mukta Gadkari, Advanced Nutrition Consultant student from Bauman College, to support your efforts on the mat with healthy eating.
FREE and OPEN TO ALL who can commit to all 5 Sunday sessions, 2-3pm:
Jan 7th - Nutrition Orientation
Jan 14th - Eating for Health
Jan 21st – Exploring Proteins & Fats
Jan 28th - Colorful Complex Carbs
Feb 4th - Energy & Weight Management
What it includes: Lecture and take-home materials; Tips and Motivation; For two lucky participants, a 4-week free 1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Mukta (including assessments, questionnaires, menu plans, recipes, handouts and more!).
Note: These Nutrition sessions are FREE and open to all DYS members, even those not participating in the 90-Day Challenge. 


Calm and nourish your nervous system as well as build your immunity with this wonderfully relaxing practice. Through the use of props, the body is held restfully and comfortably. The posture allows for the let go of the need to act or think.

Heal yourself by doing nothing and simply be. Each posture allows you to explore the depth of your breath and the vastness of your spirit. This is a wonderful practice for those who have chronic fatigue, mental stressed, compromised immunity, injuries and chronic health condition.

Restorative yoga is an effective way to bring balance to over stimulated nerves and to ease chronic tension. Stress and toxins are eased out of the tissues of the body and mind allowing our natural state of physical harmony to arise. The postures done in thoughtful sequence are supported with props such as blankets, bolsters and straps. The spine is gently released in all directions allowing for a deep sense of support. Given sufficient time the nervous system eventually calms bringing the mental and emotional bodies into a blissful balance, and a sense of relaxation, contentment and self-acceptance is felt. Restorative yoga is recommended for everyone, especially those of us with stress in our lives. Come at least once a week for optimal health.

A flowing sequence of postures combining breath and movement. Build heat from the inside and out, core strength, stamina and flexibility in this class. This is an all-levels class, with modifications provided for all levels of practitioners. 
Yin yoga bypasses the muscles and allow you to nourish and strengthen the deeper tissues. Connective tissues, fascia, joints, ligaments and bones receive gentle, low load stress. The poses are held between 2-5 minutes or longer and the muscles stay passive in order to pass the stress on to the deeper tissues.

Each Yin pose is an opportunity to go inward and meditate. It is a wonderful complement to an active (Yang) practice and a much needed tool for anyone who need to unwind tight body, mind and heart.
Yin and Yang are complementary and interdependent forces which comprise everything in our natural world. In yoga practice the associated areas of the body that are Yang in nature are the muscles and blood. The areas of the body that are Yin in nature are the connective tissues, fascia, joints and bones. In this class we will start with a short yang yoga practice which increases the heart rate, tones the muscles and warms the body. The Yang style movements are circular in style to increase range of movement in the hips and low back. The Yang practice will be followed by Yin yoga practice. In the Yin postures the muscles are relaxed allowing the Yin tissues to receive a gentle low load stress as well as allowing the muscles to stretch deeply. The class comprised of both yin and yang allow the student to feel energized and invigorated yet calm with clarity and stillness of mind.
If you have never done a yoga class before, or need a refresher, this is a good place to start. This class will provide a good orientation to our regular vinyasa flow classes. It is tailored to a beginner needing an introduction to basic yoga poses, so come with an open mind, open your heart to all that yoga has to offer, as you begin a wonderful journey with your body, mind and spirit.
A mix of traditional and non-traditional yoga poses like Kundalini and Yin, incorporated with another form of fitness, such as Tai’Chi, Qi’Gong, is called yoga fusion. This blending of techniques focuses on mind and body movements from these disciplines with the combined benefits of strength, balance, flexibility and mindfulness.
Self care and foundation/Strength building are the benefits of our Yoga TuneUp-Vinyasaclass. Are you a yogi, jogger, rock climber, cross fitter or triathlete? This class can provide the type of exercises that will strengthen/stretch little used muscles and put you in a stronger position with any sport or physical activity you pursue.

We will start with mini Vinyasa's targeting little used muscles followed by a flowing sequence of postures combining breath and movement building heating, core strength, stamina and flexibility. We will also use yoga-tune balls which are wonderful tools for self-care. Rolling on the balls loosens plus massages muscles and enables the release of tension.

This is an all-levels class, with modifications provided for all levels of practitioners.


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  • "By cultivating friendliness towards happiness and compassion towards misery, gladness towards virtue and indifference towards vice, the mind becomes pure. "
    - Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras